Tips on Eating Out

I love going out to eat because I love the community that is formed around the table. It’s always fun and meals always bring people together.

I feel like when most of us leave a restaurant we leave insanely full and we eat more than we would ever eat at home. Restaurants have bigger portions and are usually higher in fat than homemade meals so eating out can get tricky.

IMG_8148 IMG_7769

Tips when eating out:

  • Split! If you know you are going to end up eating too much, split.
  • Fries rock. But if every time you go out you are ordering them try substituting them for veggies every once in a while.
  • Never feel weird asking a restaurant to make modifications (like the fries) normally they are more than happy to.
  • If you know you are already going to have a carb filled meal, Skip the bread.
  • Make sure whatever you order has a wide variety of foods. Each meal should have vegetables, protein, fats, carbs, and dairy. (not just all carbs and fat, like Fettuccine Alfredo)
  • Kids meal rock. Sometimes kids meals are the perfect size.
  • Salad is not always the best option. Some salads are loaded with extra toppings that pile on unneeded calories. Some salads are not even close to filling enough. Try looking for a salad with dark green leaves, protein, fats, and some type of starch. Ask for dressing on the side.
  • Get things grilled instead of fried.

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