Food with a Mission

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.15.51 PM

Amazing  natural granola bars and the funds go to a great cause.

My mom found these and now we order them on amazon  about once a month. All the flavors are great and I love what this company is doing for children’s and families who are malnourished.

You eat a bar and a malnourished child is also able to get a food pack with the nutrients  they need.  Also the company tries to produce the food packs in the countries they will be distributing them in so there are jobs in the community and the packs can also help the communities economically. 

Malnourishment is something lots of people don’t completely understand.

Malnourishment doesn’t just affect someones physical health but it affects mental health awhile. People become less motivated and aren’t able to think as clearly.

    “Severe malnutrition can result in life-long consequences that include short-stature, susceptibility to disease, and poor cognition. No matter what the cause, poor growth caused by poor nutrition is the result of not eating adequate calories, not being offered adequate calories, or not being able to retain adequate calories.”


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