Meals Ideas from this Past week!

I love getting meal ideas from people so thought y’all might enjoy this!

IMG_7382 IMG_7426

For these waffles they are just two frozen whole wheat waffles from whole foods with yogurt on top instead of syrup! I also heat up blueberries in the microwave

I make this little oatmeal bowl at least twice a week! All it is, is plain oatmeal with yogurt, chia seeds, and berries all mixed together.

I love toast with avocado and eggs, this is the easiest quickest breakfast.


I make this lunch a lot it’s a turkey sandwich on flax-seed bread with avocado slices and spinach, cut up peppers, and plain yogurt with cinnamon.

Life is all about balance so I included in this post my little ice cream date and then some doughnuts I bought for a school event and just had to have one.

The dinner in the middle is half an avocado, chicken meatball, and veggies.
IMG_7462 IMG_7485 IMG_7498


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