Why Starches are not the root of all evil

Every girl in high school and college has tried a no carb diet or has skipped out on bread during meals because well…it will makes us “fat”. Not true. Starches are where we get most of our energy from. Sure there are some ways of getting carbohydrates that aren’t as beneficial, but complex Carbohydrates keep us full and energized. I used to restrict myself from carbs all the time and sometimes still struggle with that but I’ve noticed the times I eat them in reasonable portions throughout the day I end up feeling better and don’t end up over eating or feeling deprived from food. So here are some ways to get carbohydrates into your day.

Starches throughout the day:

Breakfast: Try eating a piece of whole wheat toast at breakfast or a cup of oatmeal.

Lunch: add whole wheat crackers or granola to some greek yogurt.

Dinner: Brown rice or quinoa are great options.

Check out this awesome post from the Mayo Clinic on Carbohydrates



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