Follow up on Resolutions Post

Earlier in the week I posted about New Years resolutions. I talked about how we make our goals unobtainable. We do this because society has created  these goals that we should strive for that are just unrealistic. We pick these goals not even realizing why we should do them. They are normally things we have heard that other people choose to change about themselves and seem like good things to change about ourselves. The one that comes to mind is body weight. We have been told time after time we have to look a certain way and be a certain size. When in reality everyone’s body is designed a different way by our maker. And even though this is true still the most common resolution is to lose some crazy amount of pounds. The resolution is never to get healthy so we can play with our kids outside and run around with them, or to get healthy so we can take care of this body we have been given and be grateful for it. I think if we could just really look at the resolutions we have made and find out WHY the goals we are striving for are good, then we will be motivated and uplifted to reach them. 

Take this post how you will.
Take this post how you will.

My goal this year is to do something good for my mind and body each day. I want to take care of my mind and not go back to my negative thoughts about my body and my self. This week I have been active every day with some new fun workout each day that I don’t normally do. I have tried to journal every night and do a devotional called “This is The Bible” in the app *She Reads, it’s an awesome devotional and I defiantly recommend it! If we are taking care of ourselves each day then we can take care of others. 

*She reads is a free app and I definitely recommend getting this ASAP!


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