New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve, Sydney Australia
New Years Eve, Sydney Australia

Resolutions seem to end up being goals we can’t actually conquer, or won’t. They end up making us feel guilty and defeated. So I thought about two of the most common resolutions and how we could start looking at them. With loosing weight most of the time people are thinking about becoming “skinny” not fit. It has taken me forever to start looking as exercise as something helping my body and not just something to make me thin. Looking at exercise as something that is good for your body has actually made me more motivated because now I WANT to run that extra mile. I want to build up that endurance. With watching less TV, this is something I definitely tend to do right before bed and really it isn’t that productive to do this for sometimes almost TWO hours before bed. If this time could be used for something more productive that would be 14 hours a week I could get some great use out of. So instead of watching TV before bed try writing in a journal and looking back at the day you had and thanking God for all that’s been done. Or if you really do want to watch something watch something like the news or a documentary on a subject you don’t really understand.

Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with their resolutions this year, Happy New Years!

The Old Resolutions Vs. The New Resolutions

OLD:Lose Weight NEW: Exercise more often, find fun ways to be active, sign up for a 5k, run more than I was before this year.

OLD:Watch less TV NEW:Watch documentaries or TED talks, read a book a month, Journal before bed, turn off computer or TV an hour (or even 30 minutes) before bed. 


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