Let them Eat Cake

I never thought I would make this blog a personal one, but I think I might add a little bit of myself into this.

     I’ve always been one to struggle with feelings of guilt after eating. Actually eating in general became a big issue for me about a year ago. Recently I have been working on accepting that every once in a while a piece of cake isn’t going to kill you. It sounds silly if you have never had issues with eating, but I feel like all of us somewhere along the road have. Tonight I was able to make this cake and accept that I was going to have a piece and it wasn’t going to make me “fat” or ruin all the hard work I have put into eating healthy. Food should’t be something we’re afraid of, it fuels us, it brings us together, it helps us survive. 

    This is a Poke Coconut cake. The recipe is from 
http://allrecipes.com/recipe/coconut-poke-cake/ Super easy and super good. 


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