Workout of the Day

Today at the gym I’m doing the 12 Days of Christmas CrossFit workout. 
Start with one dead lift with raise, then do one dead lift with raise and then two dead lifts..ect. Keep going back to the beginning until you get to the 12 meter run. 

1 dead lift WITH raise
2 dead lifts 
3 kettle ball swings
4 squat thrusts
5 ball planks
6 squat jumps
7 power cleans
8 reverse burpies
9 burpies
10 push ups 
11 chin ups
12 meter run (I normally run around the outside of my gym twice) 

*Dead Lifts try 10-15 lbs. 
 Kettle ball swings 25 lbs. 

This workout is a workout my friend showed me and it is pretty hard but the results are amazing. And yes you will be very sore the next day. 
Comment if you have questions! 

Check out their website for more.


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