Gym workout

A good gym workout to do at least three times a week

30 min workout:

  • 15 min. on treadmill jogging/running at 6.5 MPH to 7.5
  • 20 leg lifts on mat (core workout)
  • 30 v sits on mat (core workout) 
  • 20 dips on a stepper (this works triceps) (keep elbows close when doing this!)
  • 20 calf raises on each leg (do this on a stepper too)

Hour long workout:

  • 30 min. on treadmill, every 5 min. raise your speed by .5. start at 5.5 MPH
  • Do all of the things I listed above for the 30 min workout but add 10 more reps to each. 

*Keep hydrated during all of this, I make sure to drink a full water bottle before each time I go to the gym!


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