Tips about eating out and frozen foods

Eating out never seems to go well for me, and I know it can be a struggle for lots of people. The portions are to big and can sometimes not be made with the freshest of ingredients. I’m not saying to never go out! I love going out its just a matter of making the right choices and knowing what you’re really eating.

  • Take almost half of your meal home for the next day
  • Try to avoid anything that says fried!
  • Ask about where the meat comes from, is it grass feed or grain feed.
  • Figure out what you are getting ahead of time.
  • Check nutritional information from the restaurant or other websites.

Frozen foods:

Frozen foods can be high in sodium because it needs to last for a longer period of time. Be cautious of the seemingly healthier frozen foods. READ LABELS. Check to see what kind of ingredients are in them, make sure it is ingredients you can pronounce.

Frozen can seem like its the easiest but you never know what fun can come out of making a meal from scratch with friends and family.

Homemade pizza!

pizza dough
3 tomatos
olive oil
salt and pepper

First cut tomatoes and mash them in a bowl to get more of a sauce. Then add a pinch of garlic and salt and pepper. mix in about a half of a tablespoon of olive oil. mix it all together in a bowl.

dough- let dough thaw if you had it in the freezer, then put flour all over a surface for the dough. roll out dough on the flour with a roller or just use your hands for a nice unique look to it (this is what I do). next put it on a circle pan with holes for added crunch to crust.

finishing it up: spread tomato sauce evenly on the dough and top with motzerella and your favorite toppings!

pop in oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

pictures will be coming!


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