Breakfast at its finest

First off, the obvious BREAKFAST! Breakfast truly is the cliche most important meal of the day. I know I always have trouble finding a filling non carb loaded sugary breakfast in the morning, so I thought this would be a perfect first post. 

To start finding a good healthy breakfast remember it needs to be somewhere around 300 calories.

The key parts of breakfast

  • 300 calories
  • protein
  • fruit
  • ALWAYS go with whole wheat when eating bread
  • lemon water

My routine is wake up get a small glass of lemon water or green tea. Green tea also helps with boosting metabolism so yummy and helpful! I think will either make a flax seed muffin (recipe below), or half a thin whole wheat bagel with almond butter and a banana, or on occasion cereal. BUT no matter what I always have an egg in the morning. Eggs always keep me full and are a perfect source of protein.

Flax seed muffin

1/4 cup of flax meal
1 egg (large,brown)
1 teaspoon of oil

All you do is mix ingredients in small microwave bowl and pop in the microwave for one minute….it is the easiest breakfast ever! Now there is never an excuse for going to a drive through for breakfast.

To help add some flavor to this muffin I love to add

  • agave nectar (light) and cinnamon
  • coconut and a drizzle of cocoa syrup
  • mashed banana, nutmeg, and vanilla

Add flax seeds when indulging in a bagel. Love topping a thin bagel with 100% peanut butter or almond butter with flax seeds and some kind of berries!


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